December 3, 2005 we hosted Breakfast with Santa.   We served about 125 individuals and over 70 little ones gave Santa their lists for Christmas.   We want to thank Jim Wiseman and his family for donating the time and pictures so that the families could take home a memory of the day.   All in all it was a success for all those workers and attendees.   The extra is put away until next December.




At the January K of C council meeting a new event was introduced and voted on…THE RAFFLE…a joint venture with our home parish, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. In the coming weeks THE RAFFLE, will be promoted with articles in the church bulletin, and

what other means we can find.


THE RAFFLE is a 26-week program, tickets for the 26-week period will cost $ 26.00, a drawing will be held every Sunday at coffee and donuts in Harvey Hall, for the 26 week period. The winner will receive $ 75.00. There is no limit on how many times you can win, your name stays in the drawing for the 26 week period, win or loose. The winner does not have to be present.


What’s so different about this RAFFLE? ONLY 200 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD! Talk about Good Odds for winning!  On the 26th week, the Bonus Week, three prizes will be drawn: 1 @ $100.00, 1 @ $150.00 and 1 @ $200.00.


The first drawing date is March 5, 2006, and each Sunday thereafter for the 26 week period which will conclude on August 27,2006 (The Bonus Week Drawing). The drawing will take place in Harvey Hall on Sundays between 10:30 AM and 11:00AM; it is open to the participants. Tickets can be purchased by calling: Butch Crawford 734 482 4330 or Frank Rex 734 483 6643.


Come prepared at the February Meeting with ideas to discuss the following year’s calendar.  


Remember to pray the Rosary Daily



Margaret Tsilis

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